1, 2, Play fives!

One, Two, ‘Play Fives’! The card game where your hands do the talking in an epic battle to be the last player standing. Use the cards to help you stay in the game, but you’ll also need skill and a pinch of luck to beat your compadres to a sweet victory. Challenge your family and friends to a game of ‘Play Fives’. Have you got the minerals to survive ‘til the end?




Someone starts the game by saying “I propose a game of Play Fives to my (left or right)” and in turn, becomes the dealer.




The dealer shuffles the deck and hands each player 5 cards face down. It’s ok, you can take a peek.



use your cards

Each player can use their 5 cards to help them on their turn, like skipping a go, nominating a player to take your go or choosing just one player for a head 2 head. Each card has its own description so read carefully. On your turn you become the ‘Caller’. 



use your noggin

When played, yellow cards may give you an advantage, but still require you to play Fives on your turn. On the other hand, blue cards end your turn without the need to play Fives.


take turns


Now listen up if you played a blue card - move on to the next player. If you played a yellow card or no card at all then you need to play Fives!

The objective of Fives is for the caller to correctly predict a multiple of 5 which is determined by how many of the players hands are open or closed. The highest possible multiple of 5 depends on how many players. The caller says “One, two, … X”, where X is a multiple of 5 (for example if there were 4 players, the caller could predict 0, 5, 10, 15 or 20). 


use your hands


All players (including the caller) present their hands on the announcement of the number: fist equals zero, fingers stretched equals 5. 


add them up


Add up the fingers! If the total equals the number predicted by the caller, the caller stays in the game and the game continues on to the next player. If not, they’re out.




The caller has a ‘back in the game’ card to save them. The game then continues on to the next player (and they now become the caller). 


Don’t celebrate!


If a caller celebrates a victory on their turn, they automatically forfeit their win and have to play ‘Fives’ (just the part with your hands) again. You might not be so lucky next time, don’t risk it!




The player has a ‘Rock’em Horns’ card which means a free pass to celebrate their win.


continue playing


Keep playing until there is only 1 player left in the game. They are the winner and must close the game by saying “Thank you very much for a lovely game of Play Fives”.